Notes on Nodes, aka Finding Purpose

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I know. “Finding purpose” are pretty big words to be throwing around. But let’s chill. As my never-ending search for purpose evolves, I’ve learned one thing:

Purpose doesn’t have to be heavy.

I think most of us view purpose as our responsibility to the world. This one thing we came here to complete, and if we don’t, our entire existence was a waste. Honestly, how the hell are we supposed to know what we came here for? We didn’t ask to be born!

The more I think about it, the less pressure I feel. If we didn’t ask to be born, if nobody told us “hey, I’m sending you to Earth right now, but you gotta promise me one thing” (ha! sounds like something from The Good Place episode), then there’s no way to fail. There’s no one right way.

I know this might be a somewhat controversial and subjective statement, but there’s nobody out there scoring our performances. What matters at the end of the day, and life, is that we’ve felt good, content, at peace and balance. While there are many ways to feel good, including the bad ways, when you’re acting in alignment with your inner voice, when you’re hyper-aware of what you’re doing, there’s no way you’d be doing something counter-productive and harmful. Another point is that the Universe is such a layered thing, it’s hard to define what’s good and bad. Long story short – I think our purpose is to simply feel aligned.

When you’re aligned with your intuition, when you feel good waking up and taking steps, and living life, you end up creating good things. What else does this world need?

The challenge is in getting to that alignment and to the state of desire to create. Feeling good might sound like a simple purpose, but getting there isn’t easy. It takes awareness, acceptance, will power, more awareness, letting go of resistance and cultivating trust.

When we try to live a life full of purpose, every action we take requires answering a question. Why am I doing this? What am trying to achieve here? Do I even need an achievement right now or can I simply follow the rhythm?

When thinking of purpose, we always need to pause and take a look at where we’re starting, the reasons that led us to this point of taking action, and the things we’re trying to achieve with this action.

Am I going to school because I truly can’t imagine my life without this knowledge or because everyone else is going to school? Am I going on this date because I crave connection or attention? Am I eating this Oreo because I am hungry or because I need instant gratification? Will I be truly happy by this instant gratification or will I feel weak and judge myself afterwards?

One way to figure out your starting point and desired outcome through astrology is by looking at your South and North Lunar Nodes.

What Are Lunar Nodes?

I won’t bore you with theory, but these fictional points represent our past and future. One thing you really need to know – they will always be in the opposite signs, suggesting that you’ll need to get out of your comfort zone.

South Node represents what you come into this world with – the abilities that come naturally to you and develop rather quickly. You feel good about these qualities and they bring you comfort. The challenge is to not stagnate here. Just like you always move onto a new task once you’ve mastered something, you have to move into direction of your North Node in order to not feel stuck in life.

North Node symbolizes what we need to get to in order to fulfill our potential. The lessons we need to learn and the way to start feeling we’re living up to our “purpose.” Whatever the North Node suggests feels weird to us at first, because it’s the complete opposite of what we already know and are good at, but once you take the leap, you’ll look back at it thinking it was the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself.

Another important thing to note – Lunar Nodes come full circle around the zodiac every 18 years. It’s the reason why ages 18, 36, and 55 tend to be so ground-breaking for us. By 18 we fully develop physically and start our “social” life, thinking about who we really want to be when we grow up and what kind of things we want to contribute to our communities.

By 36, most people have established an identity. Many have a family, a career and a feeling that you’re settled in life. That’s when a desire for “I want to do something more than that, I really need a challenge” comes to life. Something for your soul, and something that makes your inner self happy.

By 55, apparently (because I’m not nearly 55), we start to realize and reflect on everything we’ve been doing our entire life so far.

How to Find Your Lunar Nodes

  1. Go to “Create a Chart” on
  2. Add in your info – date, time and place of birth.
  3. Find your North and South Node figures in the table.
  4. Take a mental note of the signs they’re in.

Lunar Nodes in Zodiac Signs

Before we start, let’s clear up one thing. Just like we all are more than our Zodiac signs, so are Lunar Nodes.

It’s important to take the House they’re in into consideration. Their house placement will affect which sector of your life will need the attention. The way your Nodes interact with other planets can also give you clues on how to balance the energy and where the opportunities to release tension are. But the sign they’re placed in will give you a solid starting point to gauge the type of energy you’ll be dealing with in general.

South – Aries, North – Libra

Having that Aries potential, you’re energetic and feel the need to be a leader. However, your lesson here is to learn to listen to others (especially your partner or any one-on-one situations). Work to compromise without losing your individuality. Learn to be less critical and empower action in others instead.

You have an amazing gift to help others stay true to who they are, so use that to teach others to be outspoken and help them in expressing themselves.

South – Libra, North – Aries

You may feel more comfortable waiting for someone else to take a lead, but you need to learn to act on your own. Work on bravery and decisiveness. Learn to say “no” or, in some instances, “yes!”

You’re an amazing collaborator and you can make an empowering leader who will care for their followers or team members.

South – Taurus, North – Scorpio

You need to let go of your comfort zone and be open to change. Train yourself to let go of what no longer serves you. Go beyond the everyday, let go of material values and work on connecting with your intuition.

You have an amazing eye for everything tasty and pretty, so share that with others so you don’t overindulge yourself.

South – Scorpio, North – Taurus

Chill out. Seek stability. Create form and structure around you, establish a routine that can ground you and bring you out of your moments of intense emotions. Learn to be patient, kind and hold onto what’s dear to you.

South – Gemini, North – Sagittarius

You’re curious and (sometimes) talkative, easy to relate to and you want to stretch as wide as you possibly can. But the challenge is to be more selective with your time and social circle, get out of your little community and connect with those beyond it.

Remember, you’re relatable, so use that to bring your ideas to a large audience. Don’t settle for what you have inherited when you came into this world. Don’t get distracted by the little things, but dig deeper and keep an eye on the big picture.

South – Sagittarius, North – Gemini

Don’t be too picky. Learn not to judge and work on bringing people together instead. You know a lot, and you should share it with others in bite-size pieces. You’re a genius when it comes to simplifying overly complicated things.

Think global, act local.

South – Cancer, North – Capricorn

Sorry to be the fun police, but you gotta discipline yourself here. Self-control is not your strongest trait, but once you start setting up routines and following through, you’ll be amazed how well your energy can be spent.

You are so personal and caring, and people love you for that. But you also need to learn that your self-worth does not depend on their emotional state. Use your sensitivity to your advantage and teach others to do that as well.

South – Capricorn, North – Cancer

Don’t hold back your emotions. Learn to relax and rest. Don’t be too hard on yourself when it comes to discipline. Release your inner child and let yourself live a little. Bringing up a family can help a ton in this but, of course, that’s not the only way.

South – Leo, North – Aquarius

You love to be the center of attention, but it can definitely cause problems when your confidence is not used wisely. You can serve as a spark to others, which can lead to the greater of the community, so do use this energy beyond helping yourself. Let go of your role as a solo artist and learn to play in the orchestra.

South – Aquarius, North – Leo

Develop your sense of individuality and confidence. Stick with your story. Don’t be afraid to demonstrate your talents, don’t try to please everyone. Find a cause and don’t be afraid to be the leader that gathers people around it.

South – Virgo, North – Pisces

You tend to overanalyze everything around you, but your true lesson is to let go and surrender. Allow your intuition to shine through and listen to it. It’s got incredible things to say! Let go of control and just be in the moment.

Since you’re good at details, you can make an awesome trainer or coach. Use your perfectionism to help others with their processes, point out what step they’ve missed, instead of beating yourself up for the missed steps.

South – Pisces, North – Virgo

You’re pretty out there when it comes to being your creative self, but you gotta watch it and don’t get too far away from the real world. You can really benefit from adding some rationale to your life. When making decisions, make lists.

Use your natural compassion and empathy as a tool and a starting point of your creations, but add some structure and practicality to finish the job.

Need help figuring it all out? Hit me up for a reading and I can do it for you!


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