Welcome to Not Retrograde 2.0

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully, Not Retrograde won’t be just a pit stop for you but become as necessary as stopping for gas every now and then. And, hopefully, I can stick with supplying enough astrology gas for you on here (this really doesn’t sound good).

Not Retrograde is my little slice of real estate on the Internet to let my creativity just be and to put thoughts onto “paper” – most likely, about astrology, things that inspire me, trips I take and everything in between.

What’s with Astrology?

I have never been so excited about anything else in life, as I’m excited about astrology. 

I have always been aware of astrology growing up. I knew I was a Pisces before I learned how to read. My first book was a picture encyclopedia about the Universe. I also remember I postponed sending my college applications in while Mercury was retrograde.

One random evening I realized I wanted to know everything about it. I didn’t realize it’s an impossible task, and I blew my own mind off in the learning process (in a good way). I stayed up so many nights reading, analyzing and somehow finding answers to a ridiculous amount of questions, which have been sitting in my mind for years.

In that process I also woke my roommate up a lot as I couldn’t keep the excitement and ideas to myself. (That is another reason why I have this website and my practice – my loved ones need to sleep sometimes). 

Astrology led me to loving myself like a best friend. Astrology taught me how not to waste my energy. It pointed me in a direction that makes me feel fulfilled and passionate. And I hope I can somehow play a role in helping others in getting to that point too.

We owe being happy to this world. Happy people make good things happen.

That being said, I am not trying to convert anyone into following astrology religiously. In fact, I like to be ironic about it, making astrology simpler to digest.

But I am trying to live up to, what I believe is, our mission as human beings – feeling and sharing love. 

What Else Is Here?

When I first started blogging about astrology, I quickly got stuck. I loved (and still do) my day job in lifestyle public relations almost as much. Balancing between the two was a struggle (but what isn’t?). I wanted to put everything I had into astrology, but at the same time, I loved watching myself grow in PR and I didn’t want to slow down.

So, naturally, I stopped my side gig. Astrology already has a bad rep and I didn’t want to contribute by writing surface-y things just to keep up. Still, that wasn’t a solution as I found myself disappointed by not tracking memories.

So, this blog is my attempt at not putting pressure on myself yet keep track of life and geotag my memories. I want to capture things that inspire me such as places I’m going to, books I’m reading, podcasts I’m listening, shows I’m binging, hobbies I’m wasting time on, events I’m awkwardly walking into, thoughts I’m having on walks, literally everything I’m into at any given moment.

And I want to hear from you. What are you into at this given moment?


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