Lisbon: Cute Little Heartbreaker

There’s no destination I miss as vividly as Lisbon. It hurts so much to be away from it, I even moved all my photos from camera roll onto the computer, in hopes that my feelings would fade over time. But they fully never do.


It’s been too long to remember this vividly how much it hurts walking uphill from Travessa to Chiado with a pink backpack. How many shades of red the sunsets from the Santa Catarina miradouro have when you follow the music. And how running errands to the laundromat near Passos Manuel make no sense, yet in the context of life, it made all the sense. 

The first picture of Lisbon I’ve ever taken after getting off the subway.

My trip to Lisbon was very spontaneous. I was living the life of a local in Seville. The date of my flight back home was creeping up, but I just couldn’t let go of Europe. I wanted to stay in Spain, yet I started to feel like the beauty of siestas was slightly consuming me, so I needed to go. So first, I Pinterest-ed, and second, I called my airline to ask where else could I fly back home from at no extra charge. Then I found a sweet team in Lisbon willing to let me live with them. And there I was a few days later – at a Seville bus station, getting into a BlaBlaCar to ride with a stranger in total silence for 4 hours to the capital of Portugal. The ride was silent because all I could make sense of the driver’s Span-tugese was that gas was cheaper in Spain, and we were making a lunch stop. 

He dropped me off at a metro station next to the University. First thing I saw crossing the road – the Harry Potter-style capes the students were wearing. I went underground and came up to colorful tiles on every building a few minutes later. The rest of the month I’ve spent in awe appreciating every detail. 

My first, of the many, miradouro sunset.

I made friends with a cashier man at the market next door. I made friends with a sweet red-haired girl who rode a motorcycle. I made friends with my bunk bed neighbors. One of whom went to our actual building neighbor whom she’s never met, and randomly asked him to rent his apartment out to her (he did!) I made friends with travelers in constant search for a home base, and I made friends with travelers who don’t want to go anywhere anymore because they found Lisbon. I got into situations where I needed friends, and they were there.

Lisbon is so imperfect that it’s practically perfect.

It’s been too long for me to still miss you this much, Lisbon. Please remember one day we’ll retire together.

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