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The Sunsets of Monterey

2019 began without any real resolutions rather than: to get a puppy, be more decisive and catch a weekly sunset at the beach. The latter is in efforts to not let myself take life for granted – something that I’ve focused on the most in 2018 (and, I think, succeeded for the most part). 

Sunset on the 17-Mile-Drive

In December, we permanently (for now) switched the location of home – we moved from Sacramento to Monterey, California. 

Del Monte Beach

The move felt kind of forced. I’ve gotten so attached to an underrated capital of California. It was breaking my heart to leave – to leave behind the community I’ve been working tirelessly to build around me, the favorite coffee and lunch spots, the tree-lined streets and affordable (and full of yes, character) housing. While these things don’t sound reasonable to someone living in Sacramento with a prospect of moving to one of the most gorgeous spots of the state, for someone who’s spent years looking for a place to call, and feel, home it was a big deal. All those things used to be the closest to feeling stability, routine and comfort. All the things I’ve wanted since 2014 and felt like I’ve finally gained.

But at the same time, I didn’t hold on. I always know the Universe knows what we need better than we do, and it’s never made wrong decisions before. So I embraced trying. But somehow I was still focused on the concerns – finding a house that didn’t look depressing from the salty ocean winds, keeping warm and starting from scratch, once again, for the sixth time in nine years. These worries didn’t stick 24/7 but rather came and went. It really depended on the day. On a good one, I didn’t have resistance but was a 100% sure we’ll be cozy and happy. On a busier one, I focused on the everyday tasks. For some reason, when making a decision and getting ready to move, I never thought of the ocean and the ability to watch a beach sunset any time I wanted. 

So my 2019 resolution is to pack as many beach sunsets onto my schedule as it feels easy, comfortable and happy. I’m not going to try to cause myself a case of FOMO if I skip a week. Nobody’s evaluating my progress. But I do want to see a visual reminder and reason why life is beautiful. I’m definitely in the right place for that this time.

Del Monte Beach. Go and meet a local old man who comes here every night to watch the colors.

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