Is Compatibility a Real Thing in Astrology?

Usually the next step for those who somewhat accepted the idea of astrology and let it be, is the question: “Okay, then what about that sign compatibility thingie? Does that work too?” 

The short answer is not really. But there is a BUT. 

If you don’t have a professional to walk you through the A to Zs of astrology, you shouldn’t think of compatibilities to begin with. 

Possible mistake #1 due to lack of astrological supervision: 
Judging the potential of a relationship solely by the Sun signs (also known as our ‘main’ Zodiac sign) is astrological discrimination. If a Leo is asking you out, and you jump to conclusions like “Ugh, he/she’s a Leo. I won’t have a chance to add my two cents, like ever. I don’t have time to praise anyone my whole life!” without checking out the rest of their chart, you might possibly miss out on meeting the love of your life. Nobody’s ever ready for a typical Leo, but there isn’t such thing as a typical Leo in real life anyway. Leos can also be scared, caring, selfless (shocker), just like any other sign, depending on the rest of their picture. 

Possible mistake #2 due to lack of astrological supervision: 
You might also know somebody who’s been married for 20+ years but never spent a day without fighting. So you blame their problems on one being an impulsive Aries and the other a drama-filled Scorpio. But in their case you should blame their willingness to make it work instead. And you should never be afraid to date an Aries if you’re a Scorpio (they should be afraid to date you. Just kidding).

Astrological incompatibility isn’t real. What real is laziness and lack of motivation. 

Knowing that “sign compatibility thingie” would be useful when you know that no matter what is in your dear’s chart, you’re willing to accept and work with it. A professional astrologer will point out the weak spots and give you advice on how to not make them weaker. But before they do it, they will spend hours examining your guys’ charts, taking into consideration 20 planets total, in 12 houses, 12 signs and a load of aspects, unlike that horoscope you read in a magazine that lost your trust. 

The rest is up to you. 

Astrology doesn’t define fate. Astrology defines potentials.


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