The Ultimate Mercury Retrograde Guide

Even if you know nothing about astrology, chances are you’ve heard about Mercury retrograde. I also bet you $5 that around the time when people talk about Mercury retro, you have had something happen to your phone/computer, your e-mails haven’t gone through, you’ve arrived somewhere just to find your appointment was for next week. 

Mercury rules information, communications and trade. He has a stressful job, like a publicist or producer, – he’s always on fire and somebody always wants something from him, urgently. So, like any normal, not exactly human, but, being, he gets tired sometimes (every 90 days to be approximately exact). 

Mercury’s favorite vacation spot is Retrograde. It’s like a cabin in the woods that he goes to sleep, and where nobody can find him. Since nobody else could do Mercury’s job as well as he does, everything related to communications gets screwed. 

Nobody has (officially) died of Mercury retrograde yet, so no need to panic. But “yes” need to being cautious and using your energy wisely.

Don’t go launching new products and campaigns, hosting important work events, starting new jobs or buying the new iPhone X. Also, don’t rush into signing any leases, or any other contracts. Don’t be surprised if a long-lost ex or former friend messages you out of the blue, but also don’t let them back into your life with open arms either.

Because when Mercury wakes up, he’s going to act just like any boss ever, and say “Ugh, you guys did everything wrong. Start over.”

By the time Mercury turns direct, you start to realize that the new job might be nothing like you thought it’d be at the interview (hello unpaid overtime!). Those cool-looking cupcakes with black frosting that you got for the new product launch party have dyed everyone’s teeth (here goes your social media coverage down the drain!). And that fancy new iPhone is either overrated or broken (which would also make it overrated). 

But do use your Mercury Rx time wisely. Take a step back and edit the existing. Get back to the projects you’ve neglected in the past and take them to the next level of perfection. This is a great period to do some research – browse the housing market, narrow down venue ideas, proofread your marketing collateral once again and fill in the gaps.

The biggest Mercury Retrograde rule of all – relax. Yes, it will be hard, but it will delay some of your grey hairs from coming through. The more you’re aware and open to Mercury’s tricks, the less likely he’s to act out on you. 

So, instead of panicking about your cancelled appointment, say thanks to the Universe for giving you an opportunity for some quiet time. Use this opportunity. Don’t go against the flow. Everything in this world has its own timing. 


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