What’s a Natal Chart?

Before we get carried away (because trust me, astrology has that tendency of sucking you into a rabbit hole the moment you show a slight interest), let’s cover the basics.

The natal chart.

Once you understand what it is, you’ll finally make sense why those horoscopes in your weekly local newspaper seemed like a load of BS. 

A natal chart is essentially a map of the sky in that moment you’re born. It’s like your personal list of ingredients that you are going to be cooking with your entire life. 

A natal chart will show you in what sign, at what exact degree and in which house the planets of our Solar System were the moment you entered this crazy world. This info will later tell us more about ourselves than we’ve known for years already. 

You can view planets in your natal charts as actors. They’re the moving forces of energy in life, the action figures. Signs are like their decorations and costumes. Houses signify different areas of life – work, health, relationships and emotions. All of these combined paint a picture of our potentials and tendencies in life. A natal chart is what you will always take off from when consulting astrology.

Nobody will ever have the same natal chart as you do, because nobody ever has the same exact date, time and place of birth. Even your identical twin won’t have the same natal chart, because minutes matter.

This is also the reason why it’s important to know your time of birth before you schedule a consult with an astrologer. While there’s a way to figure our your time of birth by tracking some of your life’s biggest events and milestones, it’s just easier and more accurate to work with a known time of birth.

The recipe for happiness calls for a pinch of acceptance. And knowing your natal astrological chart might provide you with a heaping tablespoon of it. Once you know what you’re working with, understand your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll become way more chill. 

Even if you have no idea about what is what in astrology (who does though?), it might be beneficial to build your own natal chart and get familiar with it. The puzzle pieces of your chart and self-understanding will come together as you hear about bits and pieces of astrology. There are hundreds of websites and apps that will calculate a natal chart for you – like Just plug in your date, time and place and birth, and welcome to the rabbit hole names astrology.


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