Astrology Brought Down to Earth

Hey there,

I’m Olga and I’m an astrologer, writer and podcaster of all things stars and self-discovery.

I believe the only thing we owe to this world is to be happy – happy people make good things happen!

Through my readings, podcast convos and written copy, I’m passionate to help you understand yourself and inspire action that feels good, and leads you to living the life that feels truly yours.

Understand Yourself

Let’s go over who you are and why you do things the way you do them. What are your strengths, weaknesses, and how do you balance them out? What is it that can make you feel like you’re living up to your potential?

My natal chart readings include an overview of your character, emotional state, your view of the world, perspective on work and home life, relationships and life goals. 

Get Inspired and Learn Astrology

This Babe Is Not Retrograde podcast brings astrology and mindset together – and down to Earth!

Through casual conversations we explore big topics like self-discovery, resistance, purpose, manifesting your dream life and everything in between.

Co-hosted with (fabulous) life and mindset coach Aman Kaur.

Let’s Connect

Astrology explained, inspirations shared, travel documented.

Welcome to my little slice of real estate on the Internet, where I put thoughts onto blog and share life experiences and discoveries.

Astrology Is Free Will

Astrology has a bad rap. Between the surface-level horoscopes in glossy magazines and the too-out-there spiritual bloggers, it often seems like a joke. 

But here’s the thing – astrology is not Santa Clause. It’s not something you choose to believe in. It’s just there. It’s simply a language of symbols, like math!

I choose not to wait for anyone to figure out why and how exactly it works yet. I just decided to benefit from the knowledge that’s already available, and so can you.

I view astrology as simply a useful set of tools. An organized system of symbols, which, when put together, tell a story of our lives, our strengths and weaknesses. 

Astrology helps you discover yourself, guiding you to self-acceptance and self-love.

Astrology allows you to take a look at your life from an outside perspective, point out where you took a wrong turn and put you back on your track.

It helps you to keep calm when the situation seems to be out of our hands. 

​Astrology is not crazy. It doesn’t require you to wear a cape with a star-print and a pointy hat.

Using astrology just means you’re being efficient in life. It’s smart. Being smart is cool.

Her astrology was really detailed! From my personality, thought process, behaviors, and how I interact with people around me were listed out accurately. To be sure, I even tested her on a few items I knew, and was even more amazed by Olga’s ability to see it all. I felt much more confident after talking to her.